Welcome to Anarchy Kennels, home of some of the best XL,XXL Pitbulls around.  We are smaller but, a growing program located in Peoria,IL.  Back in the day pitbulls bulls were know to be good baby sitters.  This is a ver loyal beed, it craves for the attention and love from its family

At Anarchy Kennels we “Bring our A game”, which is producing the highest quality of pitbulls.  That being said, we have high expectation for our and it requires us to be fully committed, in bringing out excellence in every breeding.  

   Our determination starts with being the finest breeder of quality pitbulls in the Midwest.   Then taking our programl to the next level, by becoming one of the best pitbull breeders in the country.  Our dogs have some of the best quality bloodlines running through their veins.


The queen of Anarchy Kennels, Yuki a.k.a the BLUE BOO

Our objective is simple, PRODUCE HOT LITTERS!!!  Which mean we will provide you with a Beautiful, Healthy pitbull puppy.  A puppy that will grow up, to be the best looking pitbull you’ve ever laid eyes on. Our puppies are well rounded and ready for family life as soon as they get into your arms.   We focus on the HEALTH and TEMPERAMENTS of our dogs.  Our dogs are raised in a family environment, with kids and other dogs around.  So if you purchase a puppy from Anarchy Kennels, I assure you that your puppy will have the social skills need for your home. 



Odin x Yuki





Saints Row x Azula pups  





            Anarchy puppies will be the total package, nice heas, a solid structure, thick bone and not to mention muscle on tio of muscle.   All that eye candy in one puppy, done without sacrificing the athletic ability of the original pitbull.  We are producing pitbulls with the drive along with the athletic ability and the determination to please you.

                                                                 King Midas x Contra pups 





                Our major focus is making sure that all our puppies go to caring forever homes with a healthy enviroment. In any businees its important to build trust and have a strong relationships with your customers.   We are committed to providing world class service that meets or exceed customer expectations. While continually improving the quality of our program and growing our kennel.   Because we know, when your looking to buy a puppy from a breeder.or No matter what, it should be a fun and exciting experience.    



All our dogs will be UKC registered



Thank you for visiting Anarchy Kennels.  If you have any question about our Pitbulls or the puppies we have for sale, please  CONTACTS US for more information!!


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